The Road to Digital Radio Network

At the present time where technology is constantly evolving, it has been decided that DX1ARM will adapt to the evolution. The past president, Dodjie Cabalquinto, DV1CRJ asked me to check what path are we taking. Whether its C4FM or DMR. I thought, why not both?

DX1ARM already purchased DR1X repeater to be used as our UHF Repeater. I started researching on how we can expand the coverage though different types of digital modes. Because some of our members have DMR radios already, I thought of having it linked to C4FM somehow. The setup has gone through several changes and adjustments to suit the members’ requirement.

Here’s the current DX1ARM Digital Network diagram:

The main server is currently hosted in cloud:
( and (


Setup as a cloud server for MMDVM_Bridge, Asterisk (Echolink, Analog-To-Digital converter), YSF Reflector and the YSF Reflector Dashboard.

Please contact me if you need further information on how I made all the setup.

MMDVM Repeater:

Using Motorola GM3188 that links the DR1X Repeater to YSF Reflector 78427

Yaesu DR1X Repeater:

Our Metro Manila wide UHF Repeater (Analog/C4FM mixed mode)

UHF Solar power:

Some activities where we used the digital modes:

PARA Anniversary 2019

DX1ARM presented the digital network:


(Some of the equipment have different owners already ☹)


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