Assigned Frequencies

We have one VHF repeater and one UHF repeater, both located at an elevated site with good coverage across the Greater Manila Area — NCR and surrounding provinces. Our repeaters reach as far as Baguio toward the north, Bataan toward the west, and Marinduque toward the south. We are also available on the digital/linked nodes below.

VHF 144.880 MHz (- .600)

BrandMeister DMR Talkgroup 515044
YSF Reflector 72170
Allstarlink node 537090 or 518250
Echolink: DX1ARM-R
Hamshack Hotline 94119

UHF 431.600 MHz (+ 5.000) C4FM/Analog AMS

Wires-X DX1ARM-RPT-LINK 89934
BrandMeister DMR Talkgroup 51518
YSF Reflector 78427
Allstarlink node 50763 or 518251
Echolink: DX1ARM-L (on C4FM digital mode)
Hamshack Hotline 94015

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