A brief history of ARMI

ARMI Started out as a fun group consisting of stations mostly located in the central Metro Manila area, operating at 144.660 Mhz during the mid-1980s. As some gained some exposure in the amateur community, they realized that they need to have licenses in order to operate their radio stations legally.

 And so they did. Thankfully, some of them passed and got their licenses. Eventually, with enough licensed friends around, they decided to join an amateur club. Back then, the most popular club was DX1CW. However, they were not open to new members and instead offered to help these newly licensed stations from their own club.

Thus, the name Amateur Radio Movement, Inc. came about and got its SEC registration in December 1987. ARMI eventually applied for its NTC registration and has been awarded the callsign DX1ARM, having Ernie Chua DU1EBC as its first Club Trustee and Joe Dehitta as its first Club President.


A resurgence of interest in ham radio in the mid to late 2010s likewise saw a growth in terms of activities and membership, as well as new frontiers to explore–digital modes like DMR and C4FM included.