The new Kydera CDR-300UV 20 watts dual band mobile radio

A DMR mini radio with lots of in progress.

For so long, I have been looking for a DMR mobile radio that could easily fit on my vehicle’s dashboard. You see, most DMR radios in the market are big and doesn’t have a remote head capability. I do have my Yaesu FTM-400 with remote head but since I am mostly on DMR, my longing for a DMR radio with remote head became an obsession. Always browsing on the internet to see if one would become available.

A few months ago, I finally saw the Kydera CDR-300UV which was the perfect size I was looking for. It had all the bells and whistles I wanted from frequency range, gps, build quality and most of all SIZE.

I immediately purchased from an Australian supplier which promised delivery in the next weeks but to my dismay, did not happen. And so, I decided to cancel my order and decided to purchase from Fujian New Century Communications who was the distributor of Kydera. To make a long story short, the radio was in my hands within 2 weeks.

This radio still had  lots of improvements and had bugs that needed fixing. Some improvements needed was:

  • No call sign being shown on RX
  • Limited memory capacity
  • BER was above 9%
  • CPS didn’t have option to import contacts

A few of us who bought this radio at this early stage reached out to Fujian and volunteered to help them improve the features and make the radio more Ham friendly. Fujian then created a Skype chat where we could directly give our feedback and suggestions to them and to the engineers and technicians.

We immediately became the BETA testers and it was sometimes disappointing having radios that won’t turn on and sometimes turns off by itself. It was like a hit and miss cycle when we would be sent beta versions of the firmware and CPS.

Kudos to Fujian most specially to Ms. Catherine who became like a punching bag for all our complaints but was really paying attention to our suggestions.

Where we are now?

After several weeks, the radio has improved and now has a 0.0 to 0.1% Ber rating.

Ham Contacts Added with 200,000 capacity

Callsign now appears

Here’s where you can purchase this radio:

Mike Victa

Mike Victa



  1. Travis

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing this! This is about the only thing I can find from a ham about this radio. It looks really cool, I want to get my hands on one. I am wondering how you’ve been liking it since you wrote this article and made the youtube video.

    73 from California,

    • Nutters

      Hi Mike,
      does it have a TNC built into it for APRS? I note it has a GPS but couldn’t figure out what to use it for.

      • Mike

        Hi…there is a new firmware update which allows the cdr300 to have aprs. Pls go to kydera-board website.

  2. Jose Michael Victa

    Hi mate. Unfortunately, there is no TNC. We have been suggesting this to Fujian aka Kydera. They are still trying to improve this radio. I was told there is already a new version but could be more expensive. No details yet but i know it can handle 12-24volts and have bluetooth.


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