Most of us prior to really going into deep with the hobby started with entry level radios. Back then I acquired china radios and bought different type of antennas to get the full potential of the radio and match my personal expectations. After research and recommendation by some fellow hams, I came across with Yaesu radios. I found a lot of good reviews on their different units.

My first acquisition was the FT270r. Before I got to this hobby I was first a trail and road biker as well. I wanted to have both of two worlds joined. My biggest consideration back then was an HT which can withstand the elements whether it be rain or the scorching heat during my rides. The radio never failed me with all my rides and expectations are met. I have used the radio on several events like Tour of the fire flies with our club and with no fail. I have always described the radio like a tank. It is well built and kept simple which made me fell in love with radio. To present the unit is still with me and ready as ever when demand dictates.

As years progressed digital radios came into play; I came across with the FTM400DR and FT2DR. Digital radios and repeaters was not that available here in the Philippines. The touch screen and other features made it very interesting. The physical design of both radios for me is outstanding and classy. The FTM 400 was used as my mobile base for my daily drive to work. I want a mobile base which was clean to install. Since it is a face mounted display; it gave me the flexibility to hide the main body of the radio under the driver seat. I want my car to still have that clean looking interior despite having a radio inside. Again merging my love for cars and radio merged again. For the FT2DR; the discreet and classy built was a no brainer to purchase the same. I have a normal 8 to 5 job as Business Analyst. I am required to attend to several meetings and hold talks. I wanted to have radio that can be worn in my front pocket or just by my side with the looks of not a normal radio. I am described as a metro-sexual person. I just want to keep my things clean and simple looking.

In addition to my Yaesu line up are the HT FT-70d and FT65. I am happy to say both radios like the rest that are living up to my expectation. One my think I am a paid endorser of the product but I am not. Kudos as well to Warren UyDU1EIB; product support for the brand is outstanding. The FT65R which I currently purchased is more than 10 years old radio. Small parts keypads, batteries and rubber cover are readily available. This is a big factor for me in buying a radio. I don’t have to go online and wait for months to a get a part. So until the next Yaesu purchase, 73 to all.

Dennis Bordador

Dennis Bordador



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