• Hotspot mode: Use your radio in lieu of MMDVM board. Works with Raspberry Pi (running Pi-Star), Windows and Android (running BlueDV), and Mac OSX (running MMDVMHost)
  • Drastically reworked user experience
  • Easy dialing of ad hoc talkgroups
  • Simplified programming. Compared with stock firmware that requires one channel per frequency+talkgroup pair, openGD77 allows you to scroll across talkgroups or dial manually, which means you can essentially just use a single channel per hotspot or repeater, and scroll through desired TGs.
  • Fast scanning
  • VFO mode
  • Front-panel programming (can create and edit channels)
  • Granular power selection: 50 mW, 250 mW, 500 mW, 750 mW, 1–5 W
  • Granular screen brightness settings: 1–10%, 10–100% in increments of 10
  • 20 LastHeard entries with target talkgroup and elapsed time
  • Talker Alias support
  • Support for 16,000++ IDs in database


Where to find me

  • BrandMeister TG 51518 (DX1ARM “Sisig”)
  • BM TG 5150367 (my personal DMR ID, my hotspots also have this as static TG)

Review to follow.


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