DX1ARM opens its door for new membership to licensed hams here and abroad. We have several categories for membership:


Any individual whose application form , together with a valid ham radio license, has been received and approved by the club’s Membership Committee after passing the screening and panel interview and has paid the prescribed application fee. The Probationary Member must settle it’s membership with the Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA) within one(1) month from the date his membership application has been approved. The Probationary Member must fulfill the following duties and responsibilities to the club within six (6) months from date his application form has been approved: 1. Attendance in General Monthly Meetings 2. Regular presence or check-ins on the club frequency or frequencies. 3. Must conduct a minimum of 2 net calls per month or 12 net calls in 6 months. 4. Must be able to participate in at least 2 amateur activities such as JOTA/JOTI, INFEX, CQ contests, antenna build and/or installation go-box build, amateur club repeater maintenance, setting up of an amateur radio station or other amateur radio innovative projects. In case a Probationary Member fails to meet the aforementioned minimum requirements, the Membership Committee may either extend his/her probationary period to complete his requirements or, may recommend reapplication of the Probationary Member for another six (6) months. Probationary Membership of an individual may be revoked by the Membership Committee at any given time to protect the interest of the club.


Any licensed ham radio operator who has served and fulfilled the club’s probationary requirements within the six (6) -month period. He/she enjoys the privileges of a member including the right to vote as well as the right to be elected as a club officer. A Regular Member shall be able to renew its membership provided he/she fulfills his/her duties, responsibilities and obligations and observes the rules and regulations of the club. His/her membership status shall be evaluated every year by the membership committee and may be renewed or discontinued depending on his contributions and performance to the club. Membership evaluation shall be conducted every January. Should his/her membership be discontinued, he/she may reapply for probationary membership for 6 months, subject to approval by the membership committee.


Any licensed ham radio operator who may or may not be a regular member of another radio club in the Philippines or abroad, but willing to serve, contribute and represent the club and participate in the club’s amateur activities. An Associate Member shall observe the rules and regulations of the club, shall settle its obligations and shall adapt to its culture and enjoy the privileges of a regular member except that he/she will have no voting rights. His/her membership shall be reviewed annually by the Membership Committee and may be discontinued or renewed based on his her performance or contributions to the club for that year. Membership evaluation shall be conducted every January.


Any licensed ham radio operator who may or may not be a regular member of another radio club in the Philippines or abroad, but has contributed to the growth of the club in terms of service or resources and has played an important role in the development of the ham radio community. He has no voting rights and he is not obligated to pay membership fees. Such recognition is only given by the club’s Board of Directors.

If you wish to be part of DX1ARM, please fill in the details and we will get back to you the soonest. 73!